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Labor Capital is my personal corner of the web to share ideas around interesting markets and companies via periodic writing briefs (no promises on schedule for posts!).  

I conduct my personal angel investments at michael@laborcapital.co so feel free to reach me there regarding potential investment opportunities.

I also run a syndicate on Angel List at https://angel.co/s/laborcapital/wJV09

Why the name Labor Capital?  I like the way it sounded, to be honest.

It is a nod to the interrelationships between labor (employees) and capital (owners/VCs) in business.  Both feed off of each other and are in constant conflict.

Blog ✍️

Labor Capital is a blog for sharing emerging technology trends and rapidly growing markets with the purpose of identifying potential investment opportunities.

Goals of the Blog:

💡 Spotlight compelling markets and companies worthy of additional exploration

🤝 Collaboration - Before posting, we'll aim to stress test key assumptions or ideas with those in the relevant market

🍿 Entertainment

What the Blog is not:

🚫 Financial and/or investment advice, consult your advisors

🚫 A solicitation for investment or offer for investment in any of the
companies mentioned

🚫 A crystal ball

Portfolio & Investments 💰

You can check out my angel investments on the portfolio tab and also here.  

If you're looking for angel investors, want me to evaluate your pitch/deck, or just connect in general about your startup please feel free to reach out at michael@laborcapital.co

About Me 👨🏻‍💻

Check out my Linkedin or Twitter to see the basics and connect!  

Michael Donaldson is the Founder of Labor Capital, a blog for sharing emerging technology trends and rapidly growing markets with the purpose of identifying interesting investment opportunities.

Michael is also an Advisor and early investor at Zest Intelligence, a tech startup incubated by AI Fund, which is building a healthy habits and weight loss app to help users build better habits in just a few minutes per day.  Instead of restrictive diets, the app aims to change the user’s mindset to see nutritious food as indulgent.  The app will aim to deliver personalized content using AI trained on a variety of data sources.

Prior to Labor Capital, Michael was a Technology Investment Banker for over 6 years at Jefferies LLC and Pagemill Partners in NYC and Palo Alto, respectively.

While at Jefferies, Michael led the overall execution of a broad range of transactions with a primary focus on M&A and SPAC transactions across the internet and software verticals.  While at Pagemill Partners, Michael assisted in the execution of multiple private company sell-side advisory transactions.

Clients included VC backed startups, Private Equity firms on the buy-side and sell-side, Public companies, SPAC Sponsors and SPAC Targets

Representative Transactions:

  • $4.2B Acquisition of Babylon Health by Alkuri Global Acquisition Corp. (SPAC)
  • Sale of Plexxi to Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Sale of 10 Chambers to Tencent
  • Sale of VIA Telecom to Intel
  • Sale of DIAKRIT to News Corp

Michael received his Masters in Finance from Washington University in St. Louis and his bachelor’s degree from The George Washington University in Washington D.C.

Reach me at michael@laborcapital.co

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